Mario Bros. Sabor Fight

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This is my first flash ever made. It is a fast flash, but it does look cool!! Enjoy
The music at the ending is a little off.


not bad for a first

You probably shouldn't submit your first flash. Try to smooth out the movement a bit, look at a few basic animation tutorials to get the hang of it.

Needs some things

The quality was a little too choppy, if you want to give something a fster effect try making the FPS higher than 24 FPS but lower than 40 FPS unless you want to give something a blur effect.
It needed SFX so this wouldn't seem stupid.
Also this is good for a first flash, just don't expect people to rate high because your new at it.

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good but..

I`m sure your all happy that the flash is saved (so far today) but you need to learn a few things other than that it was a great idea!

i like this and all but...

when mario actually hit luigi with the saber. it didnt cut him in half like it should of. those are lightsabers right?


it could have been better. first off, the movement was choppy. it ended kinda weird, right when i though it was gonna get good. right at the end where the music stops, the sounds aren't synced right. but on the plus side, it was a good idea and a hell of a lot better then my first flash

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2.29 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2008
7:53 PM EDT
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