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Blocks! Sort of...

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I couldn't think of a nice new original game so I made this in the last three days. Some people get a white screen, if you do, please don't vote 0 on this: I'm trying to find out what causes this with some people.


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it started off way too slow. then it accelerated to a good speed. i like it really unique of a game, it gets addicting.

Hard to play

The text in the main menu gets cut off by this wierd blackness. The game was a bit too confusing to play normally, and I lost my interest about 2 minutes into it with no points at level 10. Then again, I really don't play many puzzle games. The tutorial level would be nice.


Great design, takes a while to get used to though.

All right...

First let me get this striaght. The concept of the game is very fun and simple, and very enjoyable. But the graphics arent the best, and the tutorial might confuse some people who don't want to read that much. What you should do is create a tutorial level that teaches people how to play it. I give an 8/4, because it is a good game.

Tjab responds:

Thanks. About the tutorial, I was first thinking of doing so, but I didn't think people would like this concept so I kinda trew it all in a text-help.

Thanks for the good rate, next time I'll spend a bit more work on the tutorials.


sometimes i couldn't shoot. even if i hadn't shot in a long time

Tjab responds:

You can shoot only if the black ring is gone and there's a block in front of your 'gun' on the most inner circle. Good luck!

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4.64 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2008
5:38 PM EDT