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o.k. i know i said iron stick tournament was my big project. well that changed since i'm now working on a new one. i took long to get started but i'm still pretty much at the begining so i decided to present the opening to see if anyone feel the idea or oppinion on what i'm working on. how to improve it and all that. i surpose this style is new. at least to me *i didn't copy it so i think it should be a new style. anyway enjoy the short intro to a long series. KRAFT.



hey threassy! good work with the opening!!! just looking at the characters... i can tell that its gonna be a cooool series....!! let's hope so!..i'll just go and check the first episode now....see ya!!! alex

threassance responds:

o.k. alex. and thanks man.

Not bad

Could have done more animation stuff but good job anyway

threassance responds:

yeah you're right. let's say i got a little lazy, and i wanted the whole to fit in, to the song. but anyway thanks. i'm done with ep 1 just maybe you wanna see it.

Not bad

It is very dragonball z meets naruto meets avatar meets baddassery, so pretty good. I look forward to watching this in the future.

threassance responds:

well mre of dbz in the first episode. so check it out, it's ready.

umm, YES!

this shouldn't be on judgment, wth? it was smooth, nicely animated and the sound wasn't half bad.


threassance responds:

thanks. i finally finished the first episode. so you can watch it.

Same concept, new look.

Looks interesting so far. Time for the rest...

threassance responds:

first episode ready, so check it out. warning very long, so please don't get bored. i beg you.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2008
3:13 AM EDT
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