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Project: Hidden

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Game Description (Game published on 2008-06-26)
A survival game. your sitting on your couch like every day and you turn on the news and see something strange. | | |
With highescores for completing the game. |
dont worrie i dident forget about luck 2 this was just a 1 day project because my animator is taking a while.

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Decent for 1 day

You should put more effort into making a game. You should probably get more of a plot going, better graphics with certain things, and make it more difficult. Maybe make it where it gets to a spot where you can use your pistol and in other areas you can't. So it isn't used for every single zombie you find, only for an area where massive waves of zombies are coming at you. Like if you were to go outside once the city was infested with zombies. Or have it so you have like 3 bullets in your gun at the start of your house, then leave and when there's a wave of zombies have it so you found ammo off a dead body or on the ground. So try to get more things to do, more time into it, increase a couple of things. And you just might get somewhere.

well, it was longer than the second one at least.

i think this could be a great game. but even though it is longer than Project:hidden2
it is still too short. the thing with flash and actionscript is that you have to take your time. Krinkels does not finish his madness cartoons until about 3 to 5 months,and look how successful they are. when you make project hidden 3 you should put in weapons that you can use to fight zombies.Impossible? No. Not if you take your time making it.

This was odd, and enjoyable...

It wasn't hard and I did enjoy it... I dont think I'd suggest any changes, or else it just wouldn't be what it is... Maybe, dare I say... A little more... Sounds? Or perhaps length?

unbelivable responds:

Thanks. make sure you try the second one its out now!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect...

...but I ended up loving it. I really liked your game, I would love it if you made the next one soon. If possible, could you make it more than just lines and circles? That's the one thing I feel would make this much better.

unbelivable responds:

Thanks for the review. and lucky for you i made the sequil just now. check it out.


its unbelivable.love it love it love it.

unbelivable responds: