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Free Falling Whale

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Author Comments

I made this for a collab part, but unfortunatly i was too late. Figured i'd submit it to the portal anyway, just to see what happens.
BTW it was for the Music Video Collab.
Music - Tom Petty - Free Falling

Edit: Just to make this clear, this isnt a pointless loop, It was for a collab part. >:(

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Free Falling Whale


Viridis responds:

Double yes.


Gee, it's so hard for me to rank this low, as it was intended to be for a collab. I mean, it jut doesn't seem like much, with the simple animation of the whale falling. I think the song is pretty good, but it can get annoying after awhile with just the same song. It's too bad this didn't go in that collab as I'm sure it would too much better accomodated by other things. Still, you at least tried to make this good for something even if it did not succeed. I hope you are able to get into collabs where this can be appreciated much more.

Viridis responds:



I think his unusual smile is the best hes like "yay...fallling...yay..uh..noo"
*sad face* then if you'd have finished it his smile would be a frown and he'd be like "god dammit"

Viridis responds:

Lollox Whale

Would of been great.

Animation / Graphics - Great animation and great drawing. Pretty good all around. It might of been just a bit glitchy when the whale was flipping, but not to noticeable though.

Story - I'm sure this would of been a great addition to the Music Video Collab. Too bad you didn't make it in time though. Oh well, it seemed to pass all by itself. There was a bit of humor in it too, so that helped your score a little. I mean it's not everyday you see a whale falling through the sky.

Audio - This song couldn't of went any better with the animation. Good job.

Overall, it's nothing too great by itself, but it would of been a great addition to the collab.


Viridis responds:

Thanks :D

Funny concept

it was fun and a random concept,i wished it was abit longer and to see him land, then i would have give it a 10 :)

Viridis responds:

Thanks Man. :)

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2008
8:35 PM EDT

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