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School Proj.1: Sketchbook

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Hey! This is my first submission on Newgrounds, ever. :-)
I've been on this website for years, but never submitted something before...
There are seriously thousands of unfinished flash movies on my computer that I have made, I always begin a project full of motivation, but end up getting bored with it half way through and just letting it die unfinished.

But this time it was different.
I had to do an animation for a school project about 2 months ago.

Project description;
Create an animation that shows one or multiple actions from someone, that he or she later regrets and corrects.
The animation has to be around 1 minute long.

I made this in 1 day... stupid me, always waiting for the last moment. ;-)
2 months after I made it I thought to myself; 'Why not upload it to Newgrounds?!'.

And here it is, I know there are more of these kind of flash animations, but I hope you'll enjoy my version anyway!

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good work

creative and original!

probably one of the best first submissions i have ever seen !

good work and keep it up

Mr-Crow responds:

Thanks a lot! :D


I really like this one.
And I can find myself in the '' waiting until the last moment '' :P
I wish to see more of your School projects or just any random projects.
I think they are pretty cool :)

Mr-Crow responds:

Yeah, I'll guess I'll finally go and finish a damn animation project outside of school.
I've litteraly started hundreds, but never get the motivation to complete them. :)

But with two animations on Newgrounds that didn't get blammed or really bad critic, I think I finally found my motivation. ;)

I really liked this!

Very good job on your first submission to NewGrounds ever! Loved every part of it! This is my favorite out of the other one that's under judgment right now.

Mr-Crow responds:

Thank you. :)


I gave it 9/10 because the animation was good, but i didnt understand the story
Very nice, though, keep up the good work!!


Thats was really good, it relaxed me alot e_e