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I was hoping to release the Full one but it was 13 MB and lot more detail to it but the dume File size is limited to 10 MB that sucks. I Made this hopeing for it to be The best but its just ok i will make a better cartoon.

The cartoon i makeing now is 10Times beter.
By.Andrew Shoemaker

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jolly spiffing old bean!

i enjoyed it. it wasnt as exciting as you made it sound. but it certainly did the job. good animation... like the guy below said... Execution would be one of the only problems.
I like your art. you are an artist, defo. well thanks and bye bye!

animation was sweet ^^

the animation was really good and i like the panda

a bit slow

but overall a very good animation. i like the shadow style on the beginning but that pandas legs were kinda wacky.


That's what you need to work on.

However, overall this was certainly a good flash. Your music selection was fitting, although I believe you could have used some additional sound effects. The graphics were quite good, especially the rainforest scenery. Great job on those landscapes, as well as the panda. The animation was a bit choppy at times, and I thought the frame rate seemed a little sluggish (I suggest 24 fps, if you're not already using it). Generally speaking though, the animation was acceptable, with a couple great instances (such as the panda's walking animation).

About the execution: this flash revolves around an "escape." Therefore, you should focus on animation techniques that give the audience the illusion of speed. Imperatively, you need that higher FPS I was talking about. This will smooth out
your tweens, and will allow you to create more chaotic scenes.

Regardless, this was a near-excellent flash with an ace storyline. Your head's in the right place, man. Keep at it.

nice music

rest sucks xD

5 for AC/DC xD

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2008
11:27 AM EDT