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people dont like the episodes im making but i dont blame them becouse they dont get good intill laters so i was thinking why make the episodes if they stink..... so i decided to start later on in the story when link/chris pulls out the master sword.....to play it u need to click the words...............ok ppl seem to think that im skipping the show to secret of mana i just did that becouse its a good game but i was thinking about skipping to when chris?link gets his sword but i may not now becouse i had some ppl say its not a good idea oh! and im thinking of adding a new character that everyone can relate to *hint* *hint* but i just dont know how to get em to talk yet ; )



I see potential in this, although it seems like your trying to make your series off of alot of other popular ones, not the best idea. You really need to use spell check on your subtitles and not use any sort of leet speak like urself, but besides spelling and grammar I thought the animation was actually pretty good, and I did chuckle at the part with the axe. Keep up the hard work!

Im gonna blam this

This sucks. It has more effort then a really bad submission but this doesnt belong on newgrounds. You should work on your flash skills because this is terrible. The background is stock and theres no loading screen. I cant even finish watching it because it hurts my eyes. Not in an epileptic way, just in a terrible quality way. Learn how to spell if youre going to make a flash submission. I hope you enjoy my criticism and I really hope you get better cause I cant take anything this bad again without saying something mean to you.


meh it wasnt very good but somewhat funny.

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pretty nice

u good do better voiceovers though

it didnt load

it didnt load all i seen was two words and all

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1.93 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2008
7:20 PM EDT
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