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Sprite Hunter I

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For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Haden Scott. Hi.

I made a flash series called Sprite Hunters, which is really just like 3-5 episodes long.

This took me about a week to make, considering it was a 1 man team. This episode doesn't host much action, considering that it's the plot-opener. Who else should Capt. Falcon hunt down in this series...? Any ideas? Tell me them, and if they're good enough, I'll take them. If not, then I won't pay mind.


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hmmmmm not bad but not good

i like the beginning but wen it came to the fight i couldnt see the sprites properly and i think you spent a lot less time on it than i thought you would but i do think that this is good. (p.s im sorry about the reveiw on the death of a friendship)

HellBentGoose responds:

this was my first one, you know

and no problem

ThIs tHe gAyEsT ShIt EveR

Dude your probaly going to reply this acting hardcore n shit... I've seen your picture... WHY DO PEOPLE ACT SO DIFFERENT THAN WHAT THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE

HellBentGoose responds:

Well you're acting like a jack-ass right now...

and it's not hardcore, moron, it's intelligence.

fucking idiot.

And no fucking duh this sucks, it's my first flash. Moron. You can't talk about how bad mine is cause you haven't made shit. so shut the fuck up doushebag. I'm probably going to delete your review cause you're a waste of my space.

"What a let Haden"

Dude what is wrong with you Haden, I think you could do alot, alot , better! Where are the sound effects? The movie was had to many scenes of talking. I've seen every single one of your videos and Haden this is the worst of all your videos. The two seconds of fighting was to short! I now it sounds like I'm being hard on you but, I know you put alot of hard work into this flash so I'll give you a 6! But I hope you will remake this video and aim for better review scores!

HellBentGoose responds:

i looked for sfx, but it was a waste of time. it was the plot opener, in case you guys can't read above. i know it's not the best, but it's better than my mario ones (the first one).

Could be great

In my opinion, you need to work on a few thing,
Your graphics are somewhat sub-par, I have nothing against sprites, but it is too choppy, also maybe add some effects. Also slow down the fight scene, there was too much going on. Even so, you had proper use of distance and what not, I loved your back grounds, but I cant get over that clicking, PLEASE at least get rid of that arrow!4/10

The sound is meh, I like the music, but it never looped on my computer, and along with some effects in say that fight scene, mabye add some sounds of punching, or even as far as voice acting. 3/10

The story in it self is actually pretty good, I like how you want 2 people dead by Cpt. Falcon hired by master hand, but when you put cloud there it ruined the feeling of a smash parody. While not bad it gave a bit of confusion. Also I felt you were to direct about calling for samus. It was to short for my liking, possibly add more back story, but it was indeed good 4/10

It is a good series that could blossem into a great seris, at the pace you're going now, I believe it will be about 4 episodes.

HellBentGoose responds:

I'm not going to voice-act; i've tried it and it doesn't work on my comp. sorry.
As i said earlier, you'd rather have text go by faster than read it at your own pace?
i didn't make it loop; i originally had 4 songs, but it was 10.1 MB in all so i had to take out a song for it to pass.
How is Cloud in there confusion...? It's NOT supposed to be a smash parody; if it was, i'd tell you.


It has potential, but would it kill you to put in some voice acting or at least get rid of the stupid click to continue arrow. It pisses me off.

HellBentGoose responds:

Would it kill you to STFU about my flash and get started on your own so you know how hard it is to make a decent flash?