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The Waffleman Chronicles2

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After recieving his supervillain powers, Pancake Man goes forth with his first dastardly plot: become Mayor of Bagelopolis. It's up to our hero, Waffle Man, to stop him and save the city from darkness.

Yes, this is episode 2. No, episode 1 has not been made. We made this for a school project and Capn-Cheedar felt that episode 1 was too short and boring to make and have graded so we went right on ahead to episode 2. We pretty much cover episode 1 at the beginning of the video anyway. Capn-Cheddar created Bagelopolis and all the characters in it, so I couldn't really argue with the man.

We know the scenery changes, and we know the "animation", if you can call it that, is sloppy in a bunch of parts in the movie. We'd fix all that but this was a movie for school, so we were rushed and spent a lot of time on it, and quite frankly we don't feel like backtracking and we don't want to do any more animation within this movie. It's the longest movie I've made, and it turned out decent so I'm happy with it. Anyway, enjoy.

UPDATES 8/18/09-
- Uploaded with better audio and (slightly) better jpeg quality. Also changed to a better preloader.

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YAY!! It was shabby at times, but always funny, and the animation and shot changes worked when needed. Thanks to WAFFLEMAN we are all saved! Will you make more?

Loy6 responds:

Glad you liked it. There will probably be a few more episodes at least.

It's craptacular in a good way

Definatly some potential here, the jokes and mounds of cheesy lines were good enough to hold my intrest even though it's so stick figure fantastic. It does lack a lot of other flash movie goodness but whatever... it's obvious how craptacular this was supposed to be so I gave it a craptacular rating.


the landscapes

the everything

..seriously though pretty funny

Loy6 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.


A solid storyline with alright animation with GREAT voice overs but just as this flash movie was to cross the 4 finish line it tripped and spontaneously combusted. There were NO musical qualities to this flash and very few sound effects. When making a movie you not only have to make it visually appealing but also throw in some suspenseful music/sound effects. This movie definitely would have been a 4 minimum if there had been good quality music. Overall, a good job but this is not something I would want to watch more than once.

Loy6 responds:

Thanks a lot, plenty of feedback here i can use.

I'm glad you liked the voice acting, we spent a lot of time on it. Honestly sounds effects were somethign i really wish we'd had more time to incorporate and who knows, maybe we'll update this some day. Thanks for the comment and feedback.

It is okay.

Classic story line. Mediocre graphics. It is mildly entertaining.