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Dbz Sonic Saga Ep 1

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If at the end of this flash you are wondering how sonic got to the dragon ball z world ...... i will explain it in The second Episode. Plus i know that i always use your instead of your're but this is because the text does not support the ' part of you're. In the next episode i will change the text.

From Sparks aka Lethal Trix

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Uh jsyk ( Just so you know) 18# was actually a Z fighter. ( basiclly* If you seen the buu saga and/or gt. otherwise it was great! great fighting! great everything! LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!

nice yet one thing

ok it was cool but you got the dbz facts all wrong.teen gohan and gotenks never existed at the same time because they where a half saga of the largest saga away from eachother and they have only existed together at the same time during the janenba saga so you need to rewatch the original dragon ball z series or something but other than that great video


Sonic And DBZ were created by the same person, Akira Toriyama!


This is great! Btw, can you tell me where you got the silver sprites? PM me the site

amazing shit right here

And please tell us your making ep2 right now