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button master 1

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if you have problems loading tell me... idk if it works.
there are two levels of game play.
beat one of the first levels of game play to get to the 2nd levels of game play that are much harder.
i hate to ask this of you but if you could, would you please click the ad on the front of the preloader.


learn 2 not suck

pretty terrible. totally boring really easy and really sucky. also i coulnt find story mode like it mentioned in endurance mode

90301 responds:

learn to make you're own games.
u ment normal mode. it was origonaly called story mode in the beta test.


Aside from the repetative button pushing the major issue I had it once muted the sound wouldn't seem to come back on. I don't know if I was missing a specific Unmute button or what also the big MUTE would ocassionally appear when i'd mouse over near the bottom of the heroic mode button.

90301 responds:

yea the must button means no sound i used a stop all sounds command.

Nothing new

The game gets kind of boring the more you play. I did not even last in endurance mode because it was too boring.

2/5 & 3/10

90301 responds:

yea that modes for people that like to push buttons.
try ultra mode.

It just a copy

Try to make it less like the King of Buttons. Also Change the text during stage one. And also during the Chainsaw Zombie Scene ADD A CHAINSAW SOUND. Add color to the opening and delete that add in the beginning if you can.

90301 responds:

ill try to figure out how to add sound to it but i cant figure it out.


Oddly addictive, but not very interesting. Lol. I like it though.

90301 responds:

if you want you can go to tbsw.wikispaces.com and play button master 2

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3.70 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2008
12:59 PM EDT
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