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Kill Osama: Mission 1

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And Be Paicent! When the loading bar is full it takes a few secounds to go.

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Not great at all.

And I can never appreciate lies about Osama. He didn't do piss. If I were him I'd be pretty pissed that America hated me for something their own goverment did to themselves.

JohnnySkul responds:

terrorist kill innocent people, only cause of what they believe in. Osama leaded terrorist to killing people and there for he is not a good person and he deserves to die. other then that i dont care what ur stance on America is.


dont listen to wetfeet you are good enough to make random crap so try to make random crap. language isn't even an item ya know. i dislike peepz who are telling other peepz that they spell wrong ya know. but on the other hand this was really crap. and i don't like to spell properly maybe i spell a little bit in this message ya know. but normale that isn't the case.

Still good enough

But could have been way lot better. Nice one though.

Made me sympathetic to the terrorists...

Since the author of this submission seems to have virtually no command over the English language (nor Flash, for that matter), I'll state this as simply as possible: YOUR GAME IS TERRIBLE. It's been 7 years since 9/11, and 15 since the 1993 attack. You can't submit shit and have people vote high because you get to kill people who're long lost to Afghan caverns or are rotting in prison.

Furthermore, if you're going to insist on using the paintbrush tool, use a tablet. I don't have a tablet, so I use the line tool. Simple as that. I'm assuming you're using a mouse, although the paint skills demonstrated in this submission definitely make me wonder if you were simply streaking paint across the screen by sheer force of will.

It's possible that, given enough time, you will become a good Flash artist. This outcome is highly unlikely, however, because in 6.8 megabytes you convinced me that you're very, very stupid. Every other word was misspelled; the animation was horribly drawn, and the thirty seconds of "plot" was a series of contrivances and clich├ęs that frankly, I didn't care to hear again.

I would have to advise you to not do anything relating to the visual arts again. I also feel obligated to tell you that the word "Faggot" is spelled as such, and not "F-A-G-O-O-T". Please consult a dictionary before you insult your reviewers. Also, should you be able to take a hint and turn to the pen to express yourself, please work on your vocabulary. If it's spelled, punctuated, and conjugated correctly, odds are someone will read your drivel even if it belongs on the walls of public bathrooms.

That said, uninstall Flash and promptly sell your computer because odds are, this submission has secured you a place in the hall of the Moron Kings of the Internet.


JohnnySkul responds:

yea.. Go fuck your self idiot.

Grammer, please. X(

Oy, I'm sorry, but the grammer in the game is not.... it's no good. That's not why I give this a four, though. This is a really easy game. ^^; Really easy... animation is a bit to be desired, too, but that's like saying a sprite flash has bad animation, so... good try, but it could be a little more well done.

That being said, I'll give a look at Mission 2 for kicks. It might be better, after all.

Oh yeah, bonus star for terrorist killing. So, it actually gonna be a five.