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WARNING: This is not an animation. Although some parts are animated, it is, for the most of it, a slideshow. If you're looking for good animation and action, look elsewhere. I am here merely to present you with the history of Newgrounds...

This took a few days, about 3 or 4...

This was probably the animation which I used the most PR work for...I asked several artists for permission for use of clips of their work(only one replied: Thanks Egoraptor!), and set up News Posts and Forum threads looking for artists to collaborate with for this project (no replies there).

I'm most proud of the credits/replay screen...Not exactly sure what that says about my skills....

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i have play tele tub fun land when was that med i think 1991 also what other old games do they have

I liked it!

Audio's the problem. Overall, it's a good animation! Just keep 'em coming. Make sure they get voted one of the best!

Insanimation responds:

thanks, i know the audio is bad, my microphone was really cheap....

Good, but...

Could be better, my only suggestion is to get a better microphone.

Insanimation responds:

thanks, i know, i really should get a new mic....


% seconds in and i thought LOLOLOL at the narrator

Insanimation responds:

jeez, that really boosted my morale...but glad it made ya laugh...

realy good but.....

you will need to work on the audio a lil bit... it seems louder in some spots then other spots.
and if you are blowing in to the mic when you talk....... whell that makes that crackeling sound with the audio... try and fix that..

but all the rest is good.. you have a good flash hear. and i hope it makes it on newgrounds

Insanimation responds:

thanks, the audio is varied loudness because i record sections with my mic, and then turn it up as loud as it will go, but cos i have the worlds worst audio editing program, that can vary.... and yeah, i do blow into the mic..i should really stop that..im used to working on stage..when no-one can hear you breath....

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3.02 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2008
1:12 PM EDT