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The Eden Project

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Author Comments

I made this in autumn 2007 for a school project. I decided to put it on here to see what all of you think of it.

Will do my best to reply to all reviews.


NOTE: I was unable to add a preloader as I didn't make it with any flash software (therefore it can't be decompiled), I just converted it to a .swf. Could anyone tell me how I could add a preloader to a .swf that wasn't made in flash?

ANOTHER NOTE: This animation is not associated with any of the Eden Project management, staff, etc.

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it was pretty good if you check back to your thread about preloaders i tried to ask yo but anyway.
it was nice i spose no really funny.
it would be prefered if you made it in flash though

eewawoowa responds:

Thank you for the first decently written review on this.

Yeah, I know it would be preferred in flash, but flash confuses me.


horrible quality and not made with flash?!?!?! belongs on youtube...

eewawoowa responds:

It is horrible quality because I had to get it below 10MB to submit it. Who cares if it isn't made with flash as long as its a .swf? And it doesn't belong on youtube, there are several stop motion animations on newgrounds.

rlly bad

its made in movie-maker and it is 50%commercial! i dont see any reason we should keep it non-blammed!

eewawoowa responds:

So what if its made in movie maker? And it is 0% commercial, it was a school project. You should keep it non-blammed because it isn't a 10 second piece of shit about a badly drawn stickman.

I'm sorry, but no

This isn't something for newgrounds, try youtube for that

eewawoowa responds:

Take a look around newgrounds, there are loads of stop motion submissions, not just this one.