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AnimaxAnniversaryCollab 1

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After almost a month we have finished our first anniversary collab. Animax studios is one year old now. Yay.
I had a lot of work getting the stuff ready, and I had a .fla of about 130mb on my computer. O.O
Anyways, the collab got along pretty nice, you'll find here the following flash animators:
-Smooth-x (Now Rockr-x)
-R4Mb0t3 (Squallifrit)

Hylian-mafia helped with voices.

Use the spacebar to go back to menu when you're already watching the movies.


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Great collab everyone, too bad I wasn't part of it back then, I blame my trial of photoshop running out.

All of the animations were AMAZING, with the exception of 2 of MasterMarioMX animations, which were quite out of place., and changed the rating of the animation in general (Mature)

Keep up the good work everyone.


FUNNY! SPECIALLY THE SCENE OF MICHAEL JACKSON XD XD XD AND TOO THE "TARGET" y me cague de risa con el de la caida de edgar XD

nifty with smiles

alot of the flashes were funny.. random laughs.. and i loved that you could "change the station" and move to the next scene.. great job guys!!

Ok, the truth his...

When i saw the beta i say "My God! this is going to be great!" since i saw very cool flashes, like emanhattan, ernestogod etc, but i saw this, and some flash were a real crap!

I know that make flash isn´t easy, but please, who the fuck made the peach and mario clip? retarded, same for the other ones, i just defend the member, emanhattan make good clips, same for ernestogod, r4mbo ( i know he is a guest),shi-guy, ject and smooth-x but come on!

Menu: The background was good, but draw stuff doesn´t convine with sprites.

Bios menu: It was pretty simple, and bad, some autors din´t show they faces and the colors were too palid!

Select scene: who think that put random squares was a good idea? cause it look pretty bad

Animax Tv: Really bad, could have lot of improvement. and same, the color are palid.

I really don´t hate the team or something, but a lot of things go wrong! i hope this doesn´t happend again. Yeah, i dind´t collaborate, cause i don´t have flash or photoshop, but, please.

Anyway, i enjoyed some clips.

Jectoons responds:

It was awful. :(


Hi there. I like to make shorts. I just got a tablet. Hey! Another guy wrote my bio for me!

Jectoons responds: