AVZ: Alien VS Zombie

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You are an alien who has come to take over Earth. When you arrive you find that all the humans have been turned into Zombies. Lucky for you - your flying saucer has a giant saw blade. You get to fly around in a flying saucer and grind up all the Zombies!

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Good Game

I have given it 10 probibly deserves more like 5,6 or 7 But Some of the other Reviewer being so hard on you given you 2's & 3s thought I could hopefully balance the scales a little more

Shields are cheaty and irritating

Its ok... That is, until they start getting shields... Y'know how much fun it is chasing around the last 3 or 4 zombies when each of them is at a different corner of the screen and is invounrable 90% of the time? Brilliant, just brilliant.

Couldnt you have just given them more health or something? Anyway, other than that its all a bit monotenous (though I did only play to level 4.) Reardless, it got old fast, and the zombie death moans really irritated me too, theres too many and they are too loud, also it seems to be the only sound in the game (If there is music, it is impossible to hear it above the screaming and sawing.

Anyway, I dont like it, 2/10

Found a cheat!

I discovered that you could move and saw without clicking on the grey box. Moving cost no fuel, and you could just click the saw and use as little fuel as possible. This gave me, using the name blah, a score of 9990000 on your high score lists. Go ahead and check it out.

As for the game itself, I found it a great concept, but you didn't go far enough in implementing it. I feel that the game's difficulty increased far too rapidly; you only had one level of normal zombies before they all had shields.

Speaking of shields, they seemed very random to me. A zombie could keep them on for the longest time, turn them off for less than a second, and turn them back on again. I suggest timers of some kind.

From your description, I envisioned a saucer speeding around the screen and dismembering zombies. It's a shame, but the saucer was waaay too slow, especially when you turned on the blades. Increase the speed of the ship next time.

I'd also like to see some upgrades or extra weapons...maybe a saw blade shooter? Think about it, k?

it had potentional

when i started playing this game looked like it might me good, not great... but good. Until the shields started appearing, this turned the game more into a game of luck rather than skill. i played until lvl 5, then i lost interest

umm wow?

intro kinda sucked sounded more like humans instead of alien. looked more like you didn't put alot of time into it. should've done 2 different story lines.

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2.44 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2008
1:40 AM EDT
Action - Other