Super Luigi Bros. 1

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Hi, guys! I'm back with my latest submission: Super Luigi Bros.! This was before I knew how to rip sprites, so I invented "traceimation." It's where I trace over the animations in a sprite sheet and put them together in a movie clip to create a more storybook-ish feel to it. Since Luigi is my favorite Mario character (besides Yoshi), I thought I'd cut him some slack by featuring him in a movie! And for those of you who "can't figure out how to start the gosh-dang movie", just click on the question block when you get to the main menu.


1. despite what the Message Block says, these were traced in Flash. I don't even have Photoshop!
2. I forgot to credit XOC in the end credits even though they did all of the music in the freaking movie.
3. What, you thought there was gonna be a third one?

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lolz lolz LOLZ!

heheheheheheheheeh (rofls) haha random spinning

Luigi is awesome

I like Luigi's personality, he's more realistic. Mario is like "I'm gonna save the world" but Luigi's like "um, FUCK THAT" I know Super Mario Bros isn't realistic but Mario is a douche who hogs the spotlight, ever since I was a kid playing Super Mario World I liked Luigi better.

That movie was pretty decent, not the best, but good.

good but it lagged

The animation was good. It's also kind of in interesting idea if Luigi was the main character instead of Mario. The only problem with the movement and the sound effects didn't match at the same time. The sound effects were a little behind the animation. Well off to see the second one.

Genogenesis7 responds:

Yeah, I know. There is a lot of lag. Curse you NG flash portal suckiness! *shakes fist angrily in air*

It's okay.

Some of it drags, and the background could have been drawn better.


Nice flash man, what a nice piece of art you have made its not that great, but good
Hope to see a another one
till next time
Nice job =P

Genogenesis7 responds:

Don't worry, the sequel has already been made and will be submitted in a few minutes (=

the sequel is out, go watch it now!

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Jun 19, 2008
11:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody