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This just started out as an experiment with gravity, but it ended up being worked on more and more as a game, so here it is! Anyways, review it, comment it, give me some feedback.

Update: When you crashed into the big asteroid, it took 2 lifes away instead of 1, so I fixed that. I also added a zoom function to the Draw Mode. Use A and Z to zoom in and out.


i am orbiting

pretty hard, but the draw mode was fun. also very realestic, because if you stop pressing a arrow key, then the moon is going the get a orbit around the planet that stays the same.
next time:
-better music
-levels and less hard
-more planets at the same time

ps: maybe a level editor?


That game was funny, and i enjoyed playing it! It was really hard though. The only thing i didn't like was the sounds. You could have used better sounds there. I'll give this game a 7.

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simple and hard game but i liked the draw feature :D reminds me of the old Asteroids

it's ok

you need the moon to move slower or something

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it's a great game.. something that you could add..
gravity's strength to change if you add levels, even the way you have it now it's comfortable...
uhm.. on drawing option.. there could be a zoom so a i can for example, make a more detailed draw, and something to save my drawings if you can...because it's a very cool way to experiment drawings and stuff...
-Different moon sizes
-Borders to the drawing option.. so I don't loose my "character"
-more gravitational centers to change gameplay ....
-Music goggle
etc... it's a very good game, and awesome gravity effects... :D

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Jspapp responds:

Added the zoom, just for you AL3K.
Thanks for the other suggestions, too. I'll see if I can work them in sometime.

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2.76 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2008
10:57 AM EDT
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