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Dragon Rider

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Aeowinnie's Flight :
Fly on a dragon switching between three elemental powers that upgrade as you defeat enemies. Use your elemental aura to deflect attacks or charge up massive damage attacks. Features an infinite RPG like experience system.
A classic shoot-em-up in the vein of successful series like R-Type, Ikaruga, and Gradius. DR:AF features an RPG like experience system for dragon magic weapons, and charge attacks.

Mouse Mode:
Use the mouse to move, and the mouse button to fire.
Keyboard Mode:
Use the arrows to move and SPACE or D to fire.

A or CTRL for previous element
S or ALT for next element
Q or 1 for fire
W or 2 for elec
E or 3 for ice

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will be so much better if you fix drawings and make females voice sound more alive and less annoying x)


I loved this game, and I loved how you had to match up the elements to destroy the enimies!
Normally, I am the type that randomly shoots at random places.

I quite like this :)

I was really fun to switch between attacks and i like how you can get these extra-powerful attacks at time. I reckon that it was hard to tell what element an enemy was, so I had a bit of trouble with that. Lol! But I do think that the drawings in this game were pretty good and the music wasn't too bad. 9/10 for me. Keep it up. :D

Love it, one complaint.

I really enjoy this, definitely found it to be a challenge, the attacks were a lot of fun to use, and I like how you matched the attack to the enemies. For example, the way you used the homing lightning attack against fire enemies who can shoot. Very nice. The music was aight, and the voicing was charming, if cheezy.
My one complaint is on lives. It became clear after a few plays that there is some number of lives allowed, but the way you die after the last one, where the game keeps playing but you simply fail to reappear, feels unfinished. I read through the instructions and tutorial as well, and wasn't able to find any reference to how many lives you get.
Personally, I found it really tough. I still haven't beaten it after several days of playing, and I wish there were some way to increase my health or to get more lives, but that's just a difficulty issue, and I see other people thought it was too easy, so it's probably just that I'm a crappy gamer. But please, have some kind of "Game Over" message, and let us know how many lives we have to work with. Oh, and it would be really sweet if we didn't lose all our progress when we died. But, that's a difficulty issue again so meh.

Potentially great

It has potential, I like the elemental weapons, but it was hard to tell what element an enemy was, I ended sticking with ice as it seemed overall the most effective. It seemed a little slow, not much was going on, the dragon's movement dragged a like and I found myself mentally drifting off. Give the game a bit of a revamp, more action and I think you'll end up with a great game.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2008
5:17 PM EDT