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Snake 3000

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My very first game game. First that I tried on. Its a pretty fun snake game mabye I will edit and add music later and preloader but it doesnt need a preloader since you click to start anyway and its not that big of a game so its usually loaded the second you open it. Adding another game after this its a snake game also but its a bit different and it has a twist to it. Hope you like it. Sorry for the first one Put up the wrong one>> xD I changed and put up the right one. Well something is going wrong with my file so its making it all messed up:/ Hope its fixed idk tho. Hey I fixed it something went wrong with the file Hope those that voted before I fixed didn't vote bad because of glitch that made it 60 per thing but now its fixed.
Yeah about you people saying its something a kid would make take into consideration that Im only 14xD
Hey I added music Idk I like it it may be a bit annoying after a while but I kinda like it. Tried adding high score board but didn't get really so your going to have to wait for a high score board.

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amazing game. not the best game ever, but really good.

Why did you?

why did you advertise this game on someone elses snake game. Thats against NG policy.


Duod, I love this!

Gohan139 responds:

lol thanks?


ahaha good job, I didn't expect the music to be used already. Thanks :D

Yeah I know I'm being biased, but its like the first time someones using my music :D kudos brotha!


Gohan139 responds:

Your music is awesome man:D

it's just snake

why snake3000 its just snake

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2.47 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2008
12:28 PM EDT