Bounty Killers

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19/06/08 - fixed bullet collision bug.


You can choose between mouse controls or keyboard controls.

move around using WASD or ARROWS
select weapons with keys from 1 to 0 (or rolling mouse wheel)
aim using mouse
LEFT CLICK to shoot using primary weapon
SPACEBAR to shoot using secondary weapon

move around using ARROWS
select weapons with keys from 1 to 0
SPACEBAR to strafe
A to shoot using primary weapon
S to shoot using secondary weapon

ESC: pause / options / instructions


Hope you'll enjoy the game! :)

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just a game

Shut up

Alot of the reviews for this game thus far have been about the creator ripping someone off, or something to that effect. I would just like to tell these people to shut the fuck up. Who really cares? This game, in my opinion, is one of, if not the, best games on this site. It's fun to play, thus it kills time that would other wise be spent watching shitty 20 second videos of internet porn becasue I don't have a credit card to sign up for membership on any real site. That said, just play the damn game, shut the hell up with your opinions, and go to hell. Thanks.

Wow, that's cool

If you don't want people to say that you essentially ripped off boxhead verbatim, try to be original in your games rather than flagging reviews that call you on being hacks. What a bunch of pussies.


excellent game! i love westerns! here are a few ideas you might use:
1. Put music (something like "A Fistful of Dollars theme", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme" etc.)
2.Put Bob Dylan's song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" when you get killed.

i hope you like the ideas, and let me know if you use them. :)

Big head tiny bodies!

It was really fun, it got a little old after the second level, and I agree with the other guys that requested upgrades, because getting the money for the bounties is good, but if you could do something with the money between levels that would be cooler!
but basically I say its a fun arcade game thats worth a 'shot' bwehehehe...sorry..