Slower Gel

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***Preloader FIXED! A little delay? It'll be fine after some times ***
Thanks to http://www.kirupa.com/dev eloper/mx/percentageprelo ader.htm

Mr. Wings has
released a new product
that will change the world
we know today!

Maybe it's an episode 2? Depends on comments and ratings ;)


that's great

good humor, animation is also good, but seemed to lag at times. but all in all very good!
keep it up

Annannas responds:

Sorry for the lag, play some more times, it helps :)


Hahahah ! fuck yeah.. .someone finally has the same humour as I do...

where you from? u sounded a little bit swedish... but maybe im wrong...

plaeasplaseaplaseasease make another one.. about something else...
why donät you make a product for people with no hair.. and then they get all the hair in their nose or sumthin cya!

Annannas responds:

I can only tell u i'm not from Sweeden ;)

But i'm glad someone here has that kinda humor :P
I'll start on a new one today!


Very funny because its a completely useless product and the scientist is a virgin. You should make another

Annannas responds:

That's what i wanted to hear :)
Thank you for ur support :P
I'll try make some more after fixing the preloader xP


all it said was NEW! NOOB!!

Annannas responds:

Well, there's a problem with the preloader.
But be patient, try again and wait!
It wil begin ;)

Not bad

I actually quite liked this one, and it does turn out that it has a sort of plot *slaps face* omg!

Anyway, to begin with, try using a preloader. As you probably know, preloaders will stop the movie from playing until it is fully loaded, at which point the play button appears and takes the user to the next scene/frame. They are actually quite useful and is already made for you (Thanks NG)

Also, I could see that the animation was going out of sync in places. Remember when making something like this, try and make it look as natural as possible. This will probably take many many trys of simply playing the animation over and over again, but once you've got that down, your movies will definatly get better ratings.

Keep it up :D

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2.55 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2008
2:39 PM EDT
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