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Mini Games 3

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Edit 23rd Feb 2014

This game was made back when I was still learning how to make games. There are a whole ton of glitches that I'm not even gonna try and go back and fix, but instead of deleting this game, I'm gonna leave it on here. After replaying it for the first time in 5 years I think there is still fun to be had playing it, even with it's problems.

Original post is as follows


Includes some of the games in Mini games 2 as well as new ones.

Since I couldn't find anywhere to put the instructions for comet, here they are:

Protect the Earth by moving it with your mouse to dodge the comet/s for as long as you can

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No comments since 2013, how?? Good game, deserves more plays bro

whoa no comments since 09.07.2008!

even better than 2

Its cool you have these three games of the same title, it shows how much you have improved as you kept using Flash. I like the new option of difficulty levels. The swimming one, especially. Though the only problem with that is I think on the hard mode, there are impossible places. literally, impossible... Now if you combined that drunk mode with hard mode, I think it would be a lot more fun. That would be fun. The drunk mode was pretty fun. of the swimming modes, I liked the dark mode best. It was challenging but not impossible. And it was cool having multiple comets. When there's just one, you just move the earth around in a circle and the only thing to kill you is boredom, you get careless and tired of the game but with two or three its better.

It is a good game. Good job.

love that

i love this,every games are cool,but the dk one is way too slow and laggy.i liked the racing one since you had cpu to play against.btw:how did you put the cpu?is it animating or coding,cuz they work really well.im doing a racing game too and i need cpu or people wont like it.

WixGames responds:

I animated them with motion guides

You got better!

Since i only saw the 1st version and this one now (3rd) it's seems you evolved preety much since i last saw you, i like all of the games but, another opinion: Add sound IF you want ;) a cheering music or something.
10/10 : D

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3.19 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2008
12:35 PM EDT