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VG Ball

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This is my biggest flash submission yet. I worked hard to the bone so I hope you all like it. It just started as me experimenting with frame by frames, but then it turned into this big project with backgrounds and sprites and everything.

A small ball bounces out of its place and cause havock to Video Game characters.

Big thanks to my friends who helped me out and cheered me through the making of this flash. This one's for you guys! (See credits)

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nice job on the shadow effects

Willianatiortrio responds:

Whoa I still get views on this?

Thanks for the review, palio

Lol kirby

That would be very annoying if it was real...

Willianatiortrio responds:

But... it isn't... :P THank for teh revieoo

I loved it

my computer was infected with a virus while i was watching so i couldn't wrtie a review.
let me say, you are getting very good and i'm hoping to see what you come out with next.
protip, less sprites and more animatino like you did with the ball and you'll have an even bigger win

Willianatiortrio responds:

Thanks alot bro! And yeah once I get the damn tablet man, once I get the damn tablet..

Bandeja leaving some love!!!

TIPO TE QUEDO BRUTAL!!!! y el final it was so you man it was so you hahahahaha, but dude seriously it was pretty awesome though im not a flash maker i kinda agree with that guy but you did freakin' awesome!!!! Seeya later man, BANDEJA >.<

Willianatiortrio responds:

Hahaha thanks alot bro!

A good start to animating

Let me start off by saying that I did not see that ending coming. The ball looked pretty good and had some nice animation going....but this was more a sprite movie than anything else. I liked the concept of a ball just going around doing whatever and messing with video game characters and then having them chase after the ball.

For one, the dialogue you had in there I couldn't really understand and what I did understand it wasn't very funny. It sounded like somebody just behind the mike doing voices, not the characters talking if you get what I mean. And some of the music clips seemed out of place(they went by too quickly and just didn't mesh with the movie).

The sprite animation was really smooth and nice. What I would say is work on your own drawing skills so that way you can combine the sprite animating with your own drawings ( the Tankman series is a good example of that). I think good things will happen if you head in that direction.

Just keep making stuff man! You have potential. I stuck around to watch the ending of the animation so it has something to it! You also have a pretty good score. Just keep making stuff!

Willianatiortrio responds:

Heh, thanks man! Yeah and the voices were a little bad because my friend used his cell phone to record the voice and for some reason when I put it on the flash it decreased in speed so I recorded the sound on a sound recorder on the computer so it sounded even worse.

The reason the music went by too fast was because I never focus on how many frames I should leave, though I know I should make a really big change in that.

Thanks for your honesty! I wrote some ideas for flashes down already but I decided to wait until I get the tablet I'm saving up for since I really can't use sprites for them.

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2008
12:52 AM EDT