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Savable Notes/Bookmarks

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Author Comments

This is a practice in ActionScript I had lately. The idea was to create a neat interface using script only, without bugs at all (as possible as it is within the boundaries of ActionScript). I drew nothing, designed nothing visually. The whole thing is pure scripting (if there will be a request I'll probably post the script).

As far as I checked, there are currently no bugs or errors, but if you find one, let me know (not that I'll fix it, but I'll be grateful for learning).

Using the interface:

(You can ignore the weird texts on the screen, they only represent some variables I was working with when I developed the code. And don't get scared from the "Layout doesn't exist!" text. It's always there if you don't save any layout in the first place)

+ To create a new "bookmark" you need to hold [Space] and click the left-mouse-button[LMB] (Stated in the SWF). Then you can feed it with information - the address field and the "Description" field. Note that the "Description" field is hidden when the bookmark appears, because the bookmark appears at it's most minimal form.

+ To resize the bookmark, drag the little green square located at it's bottom-right corner. This will also discover the "Description" field.

+ The "Description" field is just an optional field for any textual information you wanna save.

+ The address field is the place where you type the web-address you want to save. On the left to the address field there's a button with a green arrow. When you click it, a new window/tab (depending on your web-browser) will be opened and will navigate to the address you wrote in the address field.

+ Moving the bookmarks is as easy and intuitive as in any graphical-user-interface. Just drag it from it's green top-bar.

+ To close a bookmark/note/window/what ever-you-wanna-call-it, just click the red "Close" button on the top-right corner of the bookmark. The "Close" button is invisible until you move your cursor over it.

+ The bookmarks stay at the same depth even when you drag them, to keep the order. To move a bookmark to the front, Hold [Ctrl] and double-click the bookmark's top-bar. To move it just one depth-level higher, do the same but click only once.

+ You can save numerous layouts, each containing a set of bookmarks of itself.
You do that by writing the desired name for the new layout in the text field on the top of the screen and pressing the "Save" button, or [S + LMB]. This will save a new layout containing all the bookmarks currently on the screen. If the layout name exists, it will remove it and save the new one instead.

+ You can load layouts by typing their names in the same field, and pressing the "Load" button, or [L + LMB], OR by choosing from the list from the "Browse" button (that is only if you saved a layout already).

+ You can delete all saved layouts by using [C + LMB].

Thank you responders and criticizers. Your comments helped me understand that as n00b-ish as may I seem to myself, there is always a n00bier person who won't understand what I'm doing.
That's why I made this detailed guide. I can hardly believe anyone will fail using the interface after reading it.
Yet, if anyone does, please don't hesitate to ask for more information.
I promise I won't laugh.

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I liked the layout, A+ work in actionscript.
You posted a screenshot in another review.
How did you get that sidebar in firefox?

Injured-Ninja responds:

You need to bookmark the location of the swf file, whether it's the full URL over the Internet, or a local path. On Firefox, in the bookmark settings, you turn on "Load this bookmark in the sidebar".

Pretty nice, actualy.

I could probably use something like this to keep my bookmarks organised. One problem I had with it was pressing enter key dosn't do anything, when it should move the cursor key down a line while shifting all text following it down one line. Fixing that and/or adding a word wrap function, plus adding an account function for using the same bookmarks from multiple computers (I assume this uses cookies, but I'm no expert on this stuff), would possibly make something really neat that I would want to use all the time for things. Like keeping bookmarks.

My head hurts....

What was the point of this?! I dont see any point in this....hey, try to make a web broswer in Flash and submit it to NG. Bet it get at LEAST a 4.00%/5.00%

Injured-Ninja responds:

I wasn't trying to make a web-browser - only a system that saves information. A web-browser is something absolutely different.
The main point of this SWF is the scripting. Another point of it is to use it as a sidebar.

Example screenshot:
http://kwetsch.googlepages.com/Sideba r.png
http://kwetsch.googlepages.com/Sideba rJPG.jpg
(jpg loads faster while png has better quality)


If you are going to make something new, why not create a tutorial or a "help" page. As a user, I have no clue what I am suppose to do. Even in games or simple interactive projects, guidance is a must. Otherwise, you are excluding more people than you thought you would.

Other than that, I guess it is good . . . but I still have no clue on what is the purpose.

Injured-Ninja responds:

Thanks for you opinion. I did learn from it.


It wasn't really anything entertaining, but I've worked with actionscript and this is pretty good. I know how confusing it can get, and how hard it is to use at times, so this was well done. A lot of people could find this useful. If you want some advice, make the Interface better (more graphical, with more flow) and you've got a program you could sell to a major flash development site, or a program you could copyright and distribute. Good Job!

Injured-Ninja responds:

My younger brother said the same concerning the graphical design. You're right, if I want to sell or copyright it, I need a fancy design. But as the description says, it's just a practice of ActionScript. Anyway, thank you for your comments.

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2008
8:58 AM EDT