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Gradation for Beginners

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In my heart i believe that if
any poor drawing had nice gradation, it would look
a hell of a lot better.
I think you do too, so,
i made this short, but sweet tutorial on
the ins and outs of flash gradients.

One more thing,
I hate tutorials with no movement.
(Probably because i just don't like reading them)
So i tried to make this one a little more interesting to watch.

Thanks for viewing, hope
this helps out your next flash drawing.

Edit: Relax everyone, it's labeled as a movie now. Lol.

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Ha, I feel kinda like the devil's advocate. :D Sorry I've been giving your stuff scores so much lower than everyone else. Anyway, I think this was a good tutorial. I liked how this was, as you said, a bit more interesting to watch than most tutorials. Tutorials are usually so BOOOORING. I already know about gradients, but I'm sure that if I didn't this would've helped me. ;)

I liked the music, and the explanations were pretty clear. It was kinda short, but then again, what else would you put in a tutorial like this? Well, you could make it a flash tools tutorial or special effects tutorial or something. But for what this was, it was good.

Keep up the great work, K. Wait, should I nickname you K or Guare? Ah, whatever. Maybe I'll just use your full name. :D


K-Guare responds:

You can just call me K, if you want.
But capitalize it, so i know your talking to me and not
just condensing the word 'okay'. lol. :D

Thanks for your constructed review,
i don't care how low you rate it as long
as you tell me why you rated it that much. :]
Thanks a lot for the review, bro. :]

That wasssss cool!

Nice tutorial, simple, but clean! I didn't know that press F thing... Thanks!
(Makes me wanna make some tutorials too! :D)

K-Guare responds:

Haha, well i'm glad you learned something,
thanks Simon. :]


the window never popped up for me when i hit shift+F9 so.... i guess i couldn't do the tutorial, but then again i do have Windows98. But i gave you a ten so who gives a fuck?

K-Guare responds:

You can also select Window, then Color. Thanks for the 10, but,
now that you have the menu, why don't you watch it again? :D

Thank you!

I never knew that pressing 'F' would bring up that option! The graphics I make now look so much better thanks to you!

K-Guare responds:

Aha, your welcome man, thanks watching :]


im not an animator...i just playd mindfeed an i thought this was like it...and keep this a game...i hate interactive movies...10s all around...and it still says game...not movie...imapanda...and urawsome...peace from beijing...out...

K-Guare responds:

Thanks lol, didn't quite understand all of what you said, but,
this was just a tutorial.
Glad you liked, thanks
for the compliments ;]

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4.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2008
11:31 PM EDT