Sprite A Day: 17

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Todays theme was The End.
Tomorrows theme is N/A.

*Signing Off*


This sucks

Wuts the new one called? Also you couldve it least let us see the castlevainia ones...

no dont go

NOOOO!!!! TheEmoKiller, pls dont leave us i am a huge fan of the series!


I dont write reviews so mutch, but i had the feeling that i just had to say something here.

Theemokiller, i must say that you are childish by doing this, i mean things change, and i dont see the bad in a little change in this already great serie. A little improvements would only make it better. And as you call your self "the leader" it wouldnt be so bad to listen to your "subjects" would it? A good leader takes notice to all the ideas that his/her loyal "subjects" comes up whit. And improvements are always good, isnt it?

PS: Love the serie, keep up the good work!

its not dead lol

seriously man, dont be hatin.

just join the new one by meatwad.

it doesnt matter if you were the origional creator because it wasnt you who won the awards.

it was all of us (and by all of us i mean me, dion and meatwadsprite lol, jk)

oh, and if you wanna tell me why your quitting, just skype me. im back on today.

and by the way, your flashes need improvement anyways man! and theres nowhere better than SpriteADay! :)

oh, and dont do that again plz :) kthxcya

ToFlashOrNotToFlash responds:

dont be "hatin'"?
when I started hosting the collab again yesterday it got an award.
i'm not quitting, meatwadsprite kicked me out dude.
he actually just told me bluntly "im hosting the collab".

Sprite a Day is always so much fun ^_^

This series ROCKS!! 5/5

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Jun 15, 2008
10:53 PM EDT