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GreyClock's New Car

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A crazy new adventure featuring GreyClock, AlbinoClock, PirateClock, SgtSchultzClock, and Halt Man. Keep your volume up high, and your mighty cursor poised over the '5' button.

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You made me a villain!

I love it.

sweet sweet violence

I MUST AVENGE HALT MAN!!!! good humor, ok animation, but you can't go wrong with a shotgun, pistol and katana.


more clockcrew hurray!


i wish i had that many explosions
~thats what she said~

not that great

I really didn't see ant point to this.
The feeble attempt at a story line was awfull.
And barely any of it was actually animated, all of it was just copied and pasted into flash.
You can see from this why the clock crew has gone down in popularity.
Go ahead and rate my review useless but it won't make this any better.