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Catch the butterflies

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Author Comments

This game is just a little project i started, but i only finished it today because it was kinda boring to make the levels, just copy paste and edit.

When u play the game after a while u'll notice that the engine has one "flaw" and that's to bad, but i haven't found a new engine yet (it would mean remaking the game) but the flaw in the engine doesn't hurt the game play, it makes it a bit easier,

controls are simple, u use your mouse: it's a mouse game,

If this has more succes then i am hoping for i might make a new one with a better or multiple engines, or i could add more levels.

Well that's it, if u have any remarks, positive or negative, u can write a review, but make it constructive, i don't care if u think it sucks, it is that why that interests me.

Thanks for playing, vote/review fair

EDIT: i fixed the ending problem (but i geuss nobody had reached the end yet), and i doubled the framerate, speed and gameplay should still be the same

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This game is cool! The butterfly's go in a great formation when your leading them around! But it gets to hard as you progress. Great job!

great game

I liked the game a lot. It took me quite awhile to get the black butterfly to touch the damn spider...

But it was a lot fo fun and addicting, 4/5

black-raven responds:

thanks for reviewing,

it is indeed hard to hit the spider, well at least when the ritm is of, sometimes when u come up he comes down but some times he goes up when u go up, and then u need to slow down the butterfly, it's kinda tricky,

glad u had fun

really good

pretty basic but it was good. kind of addictive too.
thanks for using my song.

black-raven responds:

thanks for reviewing,

well i was looking for loops and i was doubting between urs and someone elses, his sounded better but urs fitted better with the game, and was longer so the choise was easy,


not a bad idea.

a little basic though. i got 55, is that any good?


black-raven responds:

thanks for reviewing

it was ment to be basic, i might make a more advanced one when i feel like it,
well i don't know if ur score is any good, but some get stuck at 7 and the max is 171 so i geuss it is avarage, the game is beatable, but i haven't heard anyone doing it except me for now...,

thanks again for reviewing


If you add some things like powerups, different kinds of butterflies, or maybe even a moving web, this could be a really awesome game. I look forward to seeing the next version. 4/5, Keep it up!

black-raven responds:

thanks for reviewing,

well seeing from ur reaction i take u didn't finish the game, because there are difirent butterflies, and a moving "target" on the very end,
only the powerups i don't have, don't really know what kind of powerups i could use,

thanks again for reviewing

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2008
5:50 AM EDT