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Magnet Canyon Racer

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On one side you've got a madly steep cliff and on the other a massive magnet. How far can you race?

This is another one-button-game. Use left mouse button.


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The graphics are good and the music works well with the game, but it's not exactly original... at all. It's the same "helicopter," but the magnet idea is pretty good. Not to mention it's addicting.


im HHH on the daily leader board


nice game. a bit basic though.


I'm belgian too, 9th place. Cool game...

overall A-OK

i liked it. me and myfreind spent a good half hour trying to out-do eachother. although we both agree that it is quite...dull...in that it lacks variety. maybe other cars on the road would be a nice addition. also the HUD is very big and quite in the way sometimes.

other than that. keep up the good work, these types of games are always fun for a ten minute fool around on your lunch break.


This game is pretty much like that CAVE game found in calculators except with better graphics, more originality, and a very nice loop of music. The way was pretty fun for a while, and I thought it was pretty balanced. Regardless I think I found a glitch, when I played it for the third time and I died the screen go smaller for me and it got filled up with the blue area so I couldn't see nor have space to move around. I dont know if this is part of the game or not but yea that kinda screwed it up a little bit.