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Ultimate Maze Lvl tester

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Hello again! I uploaded a file that would allow you to make a level for me to include in my maze game... now, you can copy the generated code from that file, and paste it into this one, allowing you to test your levels! if you don't have a custom level to test, please go to

The level editor will generate the required code to test and is located at www.newgrounds.com/portal /view/444282

This will generate the required code.

Use the arrow keys to move
Press K to restart the level
Press space to open the menu

Press clear to clear the text box
Paste your custom level code into the text box
Press Play to render the code to screen

b.t.w. Nice level xXxAlecxXx, I used yours as my Thumbnail!

Have Fun! Zoranan

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! Tell your friends about this. I need more levels!!!!

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My Level. (Glitch at the end.)

row1 = 1L1111111111111111111111111111111
row2 = 1P00001+++00001000L0L000L000L0001
row3 = 1111101+++0L1000L00000L0L0L0001+1
row4 = 1000101111011110L0L0L0L000L0L0111
row5 = 101000000L0L001111111111111110001
row6 = 1011111101011000000000000000L1L01
row7 = 1000L0000101001111111111111010001
row8 = 1111101111010110++000+++100010+11
row9 = 1000001E00010010000+00++1011100L1
row10 = 1011111111111010+++++00000100+001
row11 = 1001111++000+01011111111111011101
row12 = 1100000+00+0001000L00000001010001
row13 = 111111000++1111110101111101000101
row14 = 100001111111000010+00000101110111
row15 = 100010000000111110111110100L+0001
row16 = 100001111111100000000110110111101
row17 = 100000010000101110110100L00100001
row18 = 1000000101100010100101L0101101111
row19 = 100000011011111011010100100000001
row20 = 10000000100000000111010L111111111
row21 = 1000000111111111000101001LLLLLLL1
row22 = 10000001+0000001110101101LLLLLLL1
row23 = 1000000111111100000100L01LLLLLLL1
row24 = 10000000000001111111L000LLLLLL=01
row25 = 111111111111111111111111111111111

Glitch: From the Start, hold "up" and the character will go crazy. Then IMMEDIATELY let go of "up" and hold "down" to go thru a wall.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2008
12:39 AM EDT