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SFFAH Ep1: The Fall

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Sonic has recieved a note from the Dr, yet when he arrives at Goldbell City, there is something terribly wrong...

well, here it is, my FIRST EVER FULL MOVIE!!!! woot!

this is the first of hopefully many episodes, i am planning in making this into a series, to those who somehow dont know, SFFAH stands for Sonic and the Final Fantasy the Amulet of Hope

i hope you all like my first full movie, i completed it much faster than i thought (i have WAY too much free time lol), i've fixed all bugs that were in the trailer, and added a few things, i'm currently working on the scene select, when you click to go back to a scene ("Truth" for example) the music wont play, so while i work on that, you can watch my movie! if anyone spots any other bugs in the movie, please say so i can try to fix them

if anyone wants to help with future submissions i would be more than happy to accept, and i'm open to collabs btw,

i apolagize for the movie not having any sound effects, that is simply because i dont have any (if anyone known where i can get some sound effects suitable for these type of flashes, please say so i can use them in the next one!)

so, without further ado, Enjoy!

PS: I'm sorry for the 7 odd meg, the .fla file got deleted b4 i could get a chance to trim it down ^^; srry about that

PPS: i also apolagize if your confuse dabout why i put the comment about the music playing in the credits, i made this movie on a slow and crappy computer, only now that i've upgraded do i see that the music is stil playing when that line comes up, but when i made the movie that line came in just as the music ended so... yeah.... hope you liked the movie in any case

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men,where is part 2?can't find it

flashman16 responds:

Probably because it doesn't exist yet.

lol sonic blue

flashman16 responds:

So crazy innit?

i like it but...

i like this but the characters lag a little
and it was too short,and when part 2 comes out?
Stars: 9/10
Vote: 4/5
Favorite: Yes

flashman16 responds:

Part 2's feeling shy, I've been trying to coax it out with a ball but so far nothing.



Objective: Extract the salmon from the oven before it is burnt to a crisp

Starting Mission....

D: Mission Failed. The Salmon was burnt to a crisp. Remember, you MUST extract the Salmon!!!

flashman16 responds:

Little did any of them know, that was a magic salmon that granted wishes.

this series is great

this is a rly good series well the only thing is that it only has 2 hits in battle but i want the next one to be even better then that like a couple battles not just 1 and the charecters move slowly like lag but they lag for like 1 second then stop but movie is rly cool and great i luv sonic and shadow :D im a huge fan of sonic and shadow also do you like sonic or shadow better who do you like better i want a response to this plz author i will rate 10/5 rly cool keep up the good work PS: i luv the charecters you used and theres alot more i want to say to you im a fan of you :D heres some faces i made for you :D D: :3 :# :$ :( :) XD DX X3 3X 3: :-( :-) ._, <_> <_< >_> >_< :? ?D O_O o_o :-O :0 :O and also i will give you some music things i luv one is same http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/123543 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/301596 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/318551 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/313095 also if you like the music then pm me saying you do and also the art work is great i rly love it ps i will post this on roblox and blockland i will advertise for you :D no problem i can advertise for you anytime also you can play roblox or blockland with me name on roblox hahahahahaha2366 name on blockland adam11 real name in real life adam and also i have 3 kittys X3 all the kittys have fleas its sad but thell be ok hopefully :D also here is a link to my roblox http://www.roblox.com/My/Home.aspx great freaking movie man luv it

flashman16 responds:

i demand repairs for my spaceship after it crashed into that wall of text