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Plusle and Minun bear a remarkable resemblance to Pichu and Pikachu. They have short tails with flat plus signs on the end of them, while their cheeks are circular with plus signs voided in the middle.

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ok wtf is this?!? and btw minun is blue, has a short fat minus sign tail, and cheeks with minus signs. when i say blue i mean the red parts on plusle. 0.5 this freakin' sucks


Is it me, or is it just an animated picture of Pusle dancing? It's nice you like Pusle and all, but please don't submit a vid of him just dancing. 0/10


plusle is good and cute. but pichu and eevee own it in cuteness lol. still i think it was err...sorta good.... next time try to animate plusle i think it might peak ur interest. im accually making comics but i cant upload them on the internet. i dunno how. but hey try animating plusle and drawing it i think u might like drawing plusle and minun. im drawing different species then pokemon. but anyways 5/5 and 10/10 im just bein generous.


Plusle is my favorite pokemon !


obviously being in the cc has its advantages.