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Well, as i promised to upload this finished, i did. Anyway effects still got lost for, to me, unexplainable reasons...I blame the NG turet preloader which can't work whit action script 3.0. But anyway i won't be deleting the old one, as it could still be played because it's suitable for everyones computer(see my flash `For all` to understand). BIG PS:This gets better and better more times you see it (because of the music),so jyust *click* that play buton as soon as the animation ends. To have a close look at the fight just zoom to charachters.
Thank you for all the positive reviews.
I have deleted my submission For all as it was an unfinished version of this.



it was really short, and kinda bad, but it could get better if u made it longer and have a better fight scene

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Loved it But..

I thought it was really cool, but it was WAY to short. If you made this like 4-5 minutes this has a lot of potential, try re making this take what you have and extend it and add more jutsu and weapons and it will be awesome, i gave this a 4 on my vote.

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DestinyChild responds:

Well,i apriciate your review and i will take into consideration,and hopefuly next time make it better.I kinde have something in minde but i am not copletly sure what will do next.


Nothing but a short fight a ninja came out of nowhere and lost.

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I'm not much for sprites, but this wasn't too bad.

All I can say is to make it a little longer, and perhaps add some more characters to fight eachother.
That would probaly make it better.
The music is getting to unoriginal everyone seems to be using it these days, even on flashes that arn't too "action-y."

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i liked it, but

I liked the movie, but i couldn't read any of those things you put up. could you try to work on it a little?

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DestinyChild responds:

You,could use zoom but thats nothing important,its just a tag to give credit to the man who riped these sprites.Thanks for the review!

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2.52 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2008
1:58 PM EDT