Lone Survivor

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I wanted to make a top down shooter with some descent ballistics and enemies. I think to some extent i have acheived that, please let me know any changes to make, i'm using mochiads new version control system so I can update any changes you recommend.

G will throw grenades, tapping space will slow time, F kicks.

As you use each weapon you will gain skill, for example rate of fire and accuracy will increase. By the 5th level there are lots of different enemies making it quite a tough challenge, let me know if its all a bit easy.

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It's Alright

The story was kinda weak and I don't like how it was supposed to be like half life it would be alot more fun if you changed the settings, graphics and story.

hmm nice but

you need to make it first person but it's good


There could be crates with some ammo,so you can kick a barrel and destroy it,in it ammo for shotgun!and there could be a RPG Rocket launcher!


the game keeps you occupied for 10 minuets then it's boring.

Keep it up

I noticed alot of people complaining how you made this out of reference to Half-Life. I personally loved Half-Life, and Im glad you made a reference game to it. I like alot of flashes based on references to popular games and shows. Even though its not original, its good to see someone who shares a common interest. I watch alot of Final Fantasy flashes, but I dont bitch because its not original. ]: Anyways,.. good job. :D