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Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 10

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I heartily apologize for this episode taking so long to be finished. It is sadly due to a lack of motivation... I've been keeping busy doing other things and have to constantly tell myself to animate this and felt really guilty when I didn't. I wanted to animate this episode though because I love documentary stuff so much! I'm a sucker for anything behind the scenes or simply documentary styled. This is NOT the end of the series as it may sound, or at least I don't think it is as of now. I have no idea when the next episode will be out, please don't ask. Thanks for being patient, and enjoy!

EDIT: Just so you all know, after that episode Lemonator progressively wrote reviews about how he enjoys the series, so please don't go bashing him, all jokes aside.

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Gosh, I wish there was more to this series.

This episode is good, but what I really wanna know is what song is that when lemmy kills himself? I was trying to find out what song is that for 12 years

i love this short

A fun movie

Haha nice flick this one is episode 10 its notbad at all the narrating element was nice some added subtitles would be nice A fun movie flick you have here you have some nice elements and nice visuals here the story itself has come all together very well and you keep the viewer excited and wanting more and that makes for a great film so props to you on such a great film here.

some added subtitles would be nice


Hilarious! My favorite part was easily with the fake subtitles. The Jewish jokes were great too. What a strange episode. It worked out because it was as funny as any other. Well, maybe it was pretty different.

The sprites are still great. A pity they're out of style now. Wait, Goombas are mushrooms? I guess that makes sense. Racism is weird in the Mushroom Kingdom.