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The BVG Collab

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Wow, they sure do work fast.
Smurf4 has won the BVG contest, and so fast too...

The BVG is here and banging!

The collective effort of many VG fans all smacked into 1 showcase flash.
6 months in the making too.
Included in the BVG is a music library, comic section, and a series of FYIs.
Also there are 3 easter eggs in this flash.
The FIRST person who finds all three and decodes the password can put in 1 quote in the new installment of the Chaos Sonic Chaos Sonic series: Chaos Sonic chapter 2 (In production).

Well, aside from personally thanking every BVG member, I have nothing else to say, so withough further adieu, the Biggest Video Game Collab!!!

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A job well done lads.

When I first saw this was up, I wanted to see it. Needless to say there were a few bugs in there, but looks like you got it all sorted out.

I checked out everything in there . . . I must say this is pretty epic. Now we just have to make it popular and we're all set LOL.

But anyway, it's great the amount of work put into this. You should totally celebrate. Congrats, and keep on Riding The Chill Wave (TM)


knuxrouge responds:

We may do another, with more activity.

Not a bad little collection!

Nice collection, the navigation was pretty poor though...

Oh, and: Thanks for Watching!!!

No, Thank you!

knuxrouge responds:

Haha, your welcome.

there is no metal chao comic

when you click it it goes to the manga strip. other than that good. but i found noeaster eggs. if you can just tell me 1 please.

knuxrouge responds:

Hm, another bug to iron out, thanks for pointing it out without complaining.
Hm...I don't know, I'll give you a hint.
The first one is on the Music front page.

pretty cool

i like that coke zero refrence in thatzero comic

knuxrouge responds:

Glad you like it.


An interesting collab, sorry that those idiots below can't navigate it, but you do need to make it a little easier to get arround. Who's the programmer?

knuxrouge responds:

Sorry about that, I guess, that would be me.
I applied the AS.
Thanks for you review and support.