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This is a game for the forum members of WassOnline, see who can get the highest score!
Try and survive as long as possible whilst setting up complex chains of disappearing blocks for big points.
Read the "How to Play" section before playing or just figure it out the tough way!

Have Fun,
The WassOnline team :)


UPDATE: If you'd like to try and get the best score EVER for Skidtris recorded then join the member's community network at WassOnline's website


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Nice game, needs a few more things

-the sliding physics (not the speed but that they slide down)
-the heart move (but I think it might be broken)

-Add music, at least sounds... comon
-make the sliding faster, maybe 2-3times faster
-DO NOT ALLOW THE HEART TO BE USED ON GREYS (this might be a bug), so I just drop a few rocks and use the heart on a grey and I win (looked again apparently this is a lose, how about giving players an error message if they attempt to use a heart on a grey box. as no matter what in that version there will always be a color on top to choose from)
-SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the frequency a player gets a grey block in grey mode, its a pain in the ass because you would get a red, 3 greys, blue, 3 greys, red, 2 greys. See what I mean.
-I played grey mode and I got a gameover when I hit one of the darker ones. Did I win? or lose. I dont know. Instead of "game over" have a "congratulations" if you win. (just checked instructions apparently that was a lose. Maybe have them fixed and only fixed, such as you can't 'remove' them)
-Have a color endurance mode. Around the same time you get a heart, the grey blocks move up 2-3 levels.
-You never gave what exactly constitute as a "win," you really only said what is a lot
-Show us the next block color (or 2-3 block colors would be better)
if two blocks drop at the same hieght towards each other then they make a square hole (thats fine). However, if I put something in the gap above the two boxes and than get rid of one of two original blocks, the block in the gap above flies. (thats not fine)

Very original!

It was a fun take on Tetris; I think it could have been improved with better graphics and maybe some sound too, although it was a nice relaxing game :)

It was good

I liked it at first, but almost at the end almost every incoming block was grey, but besides of that, every thing was fine, it was fun, but it would be better with osme sound. Nice job.


it was cool, only things i didn't like about it was the physics, how slow the blocks fall... and that you didn't tell me what the next block's color was... so i just received grey grey grey grey grey... and just a few green an blue, so i had to be careful, but also i had to guess what color was coming next cause if I was wrong, I would lose the game -.-'

WassOnline responds:

I've made the blocks fall faster for you AL3K.
It'll be too easy if you knew what was coming next I think!

Nice puzzle there

it kept me playing for a few minutes =)

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2008
8:31 AM EDT