CS Stories 2

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Don't forget to download the free CS Stories menu background for
Counter-Strike Source at http://www.fpsbanana.com/

CS Stories 2 is here! This time, the teams face off on cs_office, where
the snow makes one shiver and lose one's hard-on. This time, you'll
get to meet each team member and follow their hilarious round in their
next story in the CS world.

Also included are a bundle of extras, such as:
Character Bios
Weapon Art
Music Jukebox
NEW! Deleted Scenes & Bloopers!

Following the quality and realism of CS Stories 1 Remake, CS Stories 2
brings you everything you love about Counter-Strike (everything you love
to blow it's head off, anyway...).

NOTE: This Flash movie has been brought to you by animationclub.freeforums.



it had a good concept, now if only you could get someone to animate it for you. it was fun to watch, but it was kind of irritating to see the stick-a-mation.

good but

when Trane killed Skyler the window glass didn't break. and i have Gary's Mod and Counter strike Source so i know its ment to break

doogy300 responds:

hahah I was wondering when someone would find that little glitch

Coke or pepsi!

I like this animation, the voiceovers are on the spot, and the flash plays all the way through in a clean manner. Id like to see more CS detail on the characters, like grenades on the hip, maybe body armor, and you can still make it stick oriented! Looking forward to seeing more cs, or other funny vids from you!

Not too bad!

Wasn't too bad! I mean, it's nothing SPECTACULAR, but it's pretty good. I'm assuming that this is one of your first flash animations, or you're just getting used to it, so I won't be too harsh, for the most part, the jokes were good. But you didn't exactly win points with me for the intro song.

Anyway, 7/10, and a 4/5 from me.

Not bad

I liked it. It was funny and you clearly have skill in Flash. I'd still say you're honing your craft and some audio along with facial expressions would've made it golden.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2008
7:20 PM EDT
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