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Whilst cycling from near a friend's house to the chippy, I took a lot of photographs. Taking 130 and playing them at 8FPS, you get a visually cool effect.

This is the first iteration of what will undoubtedly be a long series of similar experiments.

I'd like to have a higher FPS, but even with min. quality jpegs, this is an absurdly high filesize. Sorry about that.

Cycling and photographing: 40mins
Photoshop processing - 40 minutes
Flash - 80minutes.

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mad cool but

when you neared the chippy you should have taken more pictures to make it flow


Bezman responds:

Hmmm... It's definitely confusing as is, but I like the fact that all the pictures are taken at roughly equal intervals.

I suppose there's a fair few things I could've done to make it flow better...

Very nice

I really liked it, fresh and innovate.

The pictures were quite good quality and the effect worked really well, maybe not so much near the end but for the most part it was very cool.

The song was pretty well chosen too, fitted in with the fact you were cycling, just seemed to fit, the stop start nature of the movie.

OVerall it was very cool, nice to see new things, look forward to seeing more :D

=Review Request Club=

Bezman responds:


And ye SHALL see more! As soon as I finish some other duties first.

After hearing everyone's feedback, I think I'd definitely go around sharp corners slower in future.


Hmmm, this seemed very time consuming and weird, BUT, once again someone has made a new and original flash idea and its not bad, but it needs more to be effective. But good idea.

More photos would of made it smoother but then would it not be just like a video. Hmmm, maybe animating ontop of the photographs. I dont know what else to add, good idea though, just needs finetuning. :)



Bezman responds:

Cheers for the feedback. Much appreciated.


I don't really know what to say about this, I mean it does seem like a time consuming project you have here and the first part did seem to work but after the photos at the traffic lights, it just seemed to go wrong in a way, moved too fast and couldn't really see what was after the traffic lights too clearly, that was the worst part to this.

The idea itself is kind of diffrent and kind of good in a sense but really needs a little more work, more photos for parts maybe? Or not have it going as fast but fast enough to seem like it is moving. The audio was okay, dunno why you picked it to represent this but it did work fine, so okay. Overall a decent idea, just needs work.



= Review Request Club =

Bezman responds:

"it just seemed to go wrong in a way, moved too fast and couldn't really see what was after the traffic lights too clearly, that was the worst part to this."

Fair point and thanks for the tip.

Another great review from you! Ta!

Short, but a good start

Well, aside from this being short and slightly eratic, it is a decent progression of photographs. I'd suggest that next time you double the frames and halve the length of pace between each shot.

The main problem was that when you arrived at the chippy, it hardly showed outside the place, and suddenly we were off the towpath and looking at a piece of battered cod.

Of course the other thing that you could do with this is to add drawings to the images and make some sort of comic strip out of it, perhaps...

[Reivew Request Club]

Bezman responds:

Doubling the frame rate would mean doubling the file size and I don't think folk would appreciate that.

You're right about the outside of the chippy not having been shown enough though - I could have slowed down there.

Adding drawings to a future one is something I'll probably experiment with.

Thanks for the review!

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Jun 10, 2008
8:29 PM EDT