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no donkey dont die

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sloppy larry productions presents: no donkey don't die

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not too bad...

i think you could improve your mic and backrounds, and speak more legably... but otherwise is pretty good. (where you drunk when you made this? no offense meant...)

mortimernova responds:

you know what we need? highlighters... man, we could just sit back, huff some highlighters and talk about the moon. it's so big. call me later!


The animation was terrible - nothing moved (very much). The only thing that was slightly funny was the extreme amount of screaming.

mortimernova responds:

ice screaming? mmm... 2 SCOOPS!

1 for effort

I couldn't finish this. I couldn't even finish 20 seconds of this. Your mic sucks, this wasn't funny, and the plot is stupid. Try harder next time.

mortimernova responds:

if i try harder, i might fart. i don't think that's a chance that anyone wants to take.


Your voice was hard to understand, aand the plot is really pointless.
I gave it a 4 for effort though

mortimernova responds:

we usually get a's for effort. a 4 seems downright demeaning.


I'm sorry, but I had to close the window before it was over. The audio quality was awful, and yelling didn't help the matter.
Your drawing is decent, but very few things were actually animated. The background looked like it was google picture'd.
Next time, try not to yell, get a better microphone, and draw your own backgrounds.
If you improve, I'll be sure to look at your creation, okay? Okay!

If at first you don't succeed...,

mortimernova responds:

then you get it! hooray! now, who wants to join me for a couples body massage?