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The James Bond Game

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Good game :3

It was fun to play, even if I sucked hard. (score: 836 xD) But yea, the graphics are nice, the gameplay is fun, the bonus is also good. I really liked the James Bond tune, it's wonderful. :3

I also liked the menu with the bullet, good graphics, good job.

Anyway, I still have some suggestions. :3

1. Make a game in the same style but with a story. A game where we have to shoot other agents to complete a mission or something like that. :)
2. I liked the way the hand and the gun moved but ad a 'shot sound' and a shot movement.
3. Time bonus? Make a target that gives a Time Bonus, that makes it even more fun :D
4. Gun upgrade! ^_^

Nothing more to say I think, good job and keep it up.


funkycaveman responds:

nice suggestions but when i add more to a game it become worse, so adding a time bonus and gun upgrade i would probably mess up the game, but with my 4th flash game it is gonna be a lot better.

The names Calmashil, Amrash Calmashil.

This game was quite fun, the good old Bond theme was, quite literally, music to my ears, while it was okay, you couldn't do things like, hit the bonus target and a normal target at the same time, and most of the time, I didn't know whether I'd hit or not. Despite this, it's quite a good time waster, although I think I'll stick to Goldeneye if I want a James Bond game.

This gets an average score. Which I guess is okay.

funkycaveman responds:

the james bond theme is always good i only chose to do this game cos my james bond theme music on youtube hasover 1000000 views


Shooting games are nice but there are no good effects and graphics. It's a really small game. More modes and options will make this game better.

funkycaveman responds:

i tried to make it a mini game, rather than a giant story campaign

Pretty good!

It's a good game, worth playing a few times, but you could improve it by
-Fixing the jerkiness of the bonus target
-Adding different types of target
Hope I helped ;-)

funkycaveman responds:

ok the bonus target was quite jerky but i wanted it to animate but the tweening must have been a little off thanks.

Pretty good

Simple, but fun enough to get me to keep playing.

2381 points

funkycaveman responds:

nice score you must of had a lot of bonus, cos it is random when they appear...