Troubles (w/ sound)

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Joe was a man with troubles. He had to face the everyday trials of buying groceries, paying bills, and getting blown up by trees. But all that's going to change when his animator, having recently purchased a microphone, records sound for his crappy Flash movie in an attempt to get something on Newgrounds that doesn't get blammed. However, Joe's luck may not last forever. You see, humble Newgrounds-goers, Joe's fate is in your hands. If Troubles gets blammed a second time, Joe will be trapped as a failed Flash character. He will never again walk the glorious plains of the Newgrounds Flash Portal, but instead be locked in a long-forgotten folder. But that doesn't have to happen! A few simple votes of five, four, or even three will guarantee Joe's survival, and perhaps even earn him a sequel. You have all the cards, Newgrounds; play them as you wish.


Not funny...

well i like the way it started the drawing was ok the voice was good if it had a story or if it was just funny it would have been good u just need to work on it...

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this was the most retarded thing i have ever seen its random so i will give u a 2 but it was not funny or interesting watsoever so plz work harder next time.

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Wasn't terrible.

This flash could use a lot of work but it wasn't that bad. I'm fine with bad animation if something is down right hilarious but that's where you need a little bit of work. It wasn't LOL funny. It was "little smirk on my face" kind of funny. I'm hoping that this flash stays and that more are made so I can see your improvements.

Looking forward,

PS: The authors comments were entertaining so there is potential for awesomeness.

DIE JOE DIE! mwaaa ha ha ha ha

boring. Not much animated for a flash ANIMATION
bad sound recordings
bad drawings

Also, don't beg for a good score. Earn it.

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That was hilarious!

That was such a piece of shit that it was awesome! I love those kinds of movies! They probably blammed all your other movies because all they care about is quality.

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1.70 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
10:08 PM EDT
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