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before anithing i would like to say suthing:plz suggest this to the adventure games collection!
now,yes let's enter to coments:
well this is a beta of stern rpg,sorry but this has cost me losts of learning because i had never made a rpg battle sistem before.i think is my best game to the moment,so hope you don't find any glitches.
when the battle is finishied the game returns to the mein title so don't worry 'bout that.
ernesto god has made the behemoth,woa what a cool desing!!give some claps to him!.

diying glitch resolved,now you wont die after killing your enemy


new ending scene(it's not the game ending scene,it's the beta ending scene)ith music and cool anime graphics!

new feature!!!now you are abler to save the game and load it later!!!!
plz recomend this to the adventures games collection!!!

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this sucks in graphics and others

Hey maybe i could help?

in the game i cant program well but i could mak stuff for your game?anyways it was good i like the battle system ive been trying to learn how to program an rpg but i still dont have a clue

ninjitashistory responds:

no problem allen,you could do some good character for the game.later i could help you with the actionscript


I would recommend stating MP costs for Heal and Ice (and any other spells you plan to add), as well as projected damage. It's kinda hard to comment, though, considering it's in such an early stage.

ninjitashistory responds:

now this is more long and the cost of mp has been sated,also now you have more mp and more attacks!


I can't say something, considering the most important features in a RPG being the story and the combat system.

I didn't see a story, but you said that this is a beta. You should have described the main character, or at least say something about him or what the hell is going on. You can't just rely on the "unknown past" clichée.

The combat system is... fast. Of course, you need improvements also in that. But at least is easy to undestrand, and that's good.

The walking animation of the guy is odd. And the little boy seemed more some werd bird thing to me (or perhaps I have perception problems, dunno).

Well, just have to improve the gameplay, then work on graphics.

Go on, you get 2/5 5/10, but I hope in improvements.

ninjitashistory responds:

well the story is somthing i just want to show at the full version,i know its short,but at least at the update you see a joke and some new things,like your characters name

not bad

meh pretty good
better than most rpgs out there

ninjitashistory responds: