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random stick stuff

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here's my second one. and this time i even have a preloader! cheer! but some of the parts are drawn with a tablet and others with a mouse, so not all parts will look that good. and sorry the vid stops right in the middle of the song but i'm to lazy to make it longer. :p umm.. well.. enjoy.

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Eb ds een 5 gegevuh :D, btw, ech wel lolzorzzzz :'D

Breaktroll responds:

...praat engels.. but still thanks. ;)

Woah man!

Makes me look like my nose, with or without tricks! LOLZ!

hahaahaha great!!!!

dude that was awsome and all the funny stuff you came up with are pretty good cause i see other peoples rewies and they are pretty good so i bet this is wicked
cause i sa it and it was soooo funny rofl dud hahahahaah i love it ^^

PWND... oh wait... HADOUKEN!

I will start from the beginning. There was a stick and then somebody added a round thing at the end, and thus the mace was created. Yet one more good way to almost cleanly kill an opponent.

So, what I can tell from this is that... I liked it. Sure it might be a stick movie, but I don't care. I looked at some of the ideas here and I enjoyed them. Perhaps it's the fact that I am straight after work, or there was really something worth the while.

A number of things that kicked my conciousness. The song, although I enjoy Nirvana, did not completely match the movie. Perhaps I am mistaken but my gut tells me if a different one was chosen, or a few excerpts from different songs the end effect would had been much better. Another thing are the sound effects. There could had been more of them. From what I could hear most of the moves had no sound to accompany them, or it was perhaps too quiet because of the music.

The "stick" effects are good. It is not complicated, and brings in joy. So it is both nice to watch, without too much stick mambo-jambo (which can make a mess).

Why do I give this a 6. The reasons are a few. Even though the whole things was fun and enjoyable it might had been more diverse and interessting. My main points: Sounds, Music and dialogues. Though the plain text on white background wasn't that much disturbing it wasn't also something that attracted my attention.

It's ok, not exceptional, but ok. I imagine that if this was a bit longer studied and overlooked it might had been even better. Stick or not, they broke my bones.

Breaktroll responds:

yeah.. maybe the music isn't that good to it. but i didn't find anything that goes well with it. but still thanks for your sharp eye and mind.

funny ...

funny, the grphics were wierd, there not good but there not bad either.... long vid tho must of taken some time...it was cool

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4.33 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
12:02 PM EDT