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Happy Cat

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Hi! This is my first Flash animation. It is more or less an observation of my own cat :) He is extremely creative when it comes to getting what he wants... Most often that comprises of food :) Enjoy!!!

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OH that was a harsh ending. I thought the cat would simply reject the cat food after all that effort at the end.

Reminds me of a little cat I knew once. Though she had other food available, she ate through a foil-lined plastic bag (the BOTTOM of the bag too) to get to the cat food she liked more. Even though they were both dry food.

But it's a beautiful animation anyway. I don't think the ending quite fits, my idea for the punchline would have been better I think.

:( sniff

poor cat. cry cry cry sniff sniff sniff

Silly Cat

The animation style is very nice, and not something I've seen a lot, I really like it. And people, you gotta understand, there are cats that, even when well fed as much as suggested by any vet, will try whatever they can to get some extra food. My own cat is like that, but I can't feed him much more without risking him becoming overweight, which is bad for his health.

are you kiddin' me?

you're gonna kill a cat? without a good reason? ANIMAL HATER! BERRY, GET HIM!

Poor kitteh

You could have just left it with him eating the food! >:(