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Bat out of Hell

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Keep the evil bats and bugs away from Sammy and the bones band. Keep them rock'n!

Left click and drag those nasty creatures away and to the paths of their predators.

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More like bats into hell =P

I liked it, though, it would be cool if you had some power ups and if there was more of a challenge.

yeah! greenpeace mugging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was ok needs more time


i dident lose and life and i was at the world records great game dude ^^
best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First things first. I will tell my friends at Greenpeace to mug you. Poor Bats and... spider... things... Of course, I am joking here.

Yes, the biggest problem here is the annoying time limit. I can see steady difficulty progression here, more bats and spiderlings appearing, and some of them moving a tad faster, but this could go even further. I would suggest the old fashioned "The bigger the combo/score the more time you get to continue, untill dead.". I had a few moments when nothing was coming out to dominate my music scene, and I was a bit sad aout that, and it would had been a lot more fun with situations like: "Ah here is the next wa... holy bugger! There is too many of them!"

The graphics were pleasant, not eye-biting, not too much sugar, not too much skulls. The music was exceptional, though if there was a bit more of a challenge it would had been much more fun. A motivating music to a simpel sorting excercise would be fun.

Also, one small thing would be written instructions in the tutorial. Sure, I had no problems understanding what to do, but some people just might get lost.

Apart from that a nice overall, over the average production. Blimey, I would play this some more just for the music, not so much for the score, but the music was totally worth it!

One more thing before I end this longey review, more interessting comboes might be welcome. Here the ordinary one was the "in-a-row" combo, but something different would be nice, or something in addition to the already present.


Its o.k, but is too easy and lacks depth. Should have levels that get harder as you progress.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
3:11 AM EDT