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A Lack of Color

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Author Comments

This is my first actual flash. The storyline is super weak and not really understandable so don't expect to; but if you somehow get something out of it congratz. Made the song in FL.

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Good Short

A lot of people submit flashes stating that they are their first, and some are obvious, while others are just lying. Theres a lot of frame by frame here so im a bit torn as far as your honesty, but while this might be your first submission, there has been ALOT of practicing and shit beforehand. Aside from that, I really liked the flash. Im always a fan of stories that give life to inanimate objects. I can really feel the conflict of the character. Anyhow, keep it up man, i have a feeling your flashes will get really good.

killingtree responds:

yeah another guy said the same thing thinking its not my first, and yeah i have been practicing a lot sorta; mostly fight scenes between general stick figures, simple stuff. usually nothing with color or detail. but i consider this one my first because i put effort in it, and its longer than 30 seconds :D.


dude I give this a 9 for animation but a 5 on my understanding the meaning


The sun looked like giant ghosts from various Castlevania games.

But beside that, let's review!

Yeee, the GOOD THINGS!

I liked the concept, and some drawings were just superb. You had a good idea, just develop it as it deserve.
I liked his dress too ;)

Nooo, the BAD THINGS!

Animation, in the first part, needs to be improved, and sometimes you just stay too much time on the same scene (the first scene).
When the scene translate from the sun to the room, the effect of the furniture "sliding" to the proper place is pretty odd.
I didn't like the music, I mean, the piano part was OK and mixed pretty good with the story, but the bass part was just out of the contest.
Try to make the house and the background a little more "complete", the overall impact take benefits from details, in fact I found the scenery a little empty.

In the end: Is a magnificent first flash video, you have talent my boy.
Just don't waste it.
For the video itself, I'll just give you 3/5 6/10 because needs some improvements, as I felt it as "incomplete".


I seriously LOVE your style of animation, its beautiful, crisp, original, and weird all in one! Seriously you have some serious potential, and I kind of got some type of story in this animation as well but that I will keep to myself =). Again, great animation! Also, great job with the track, I realy like that song.

Very nice

Very good use in animation skills there I hope to see more.

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2008
6:20 PM EDT