Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6

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I shortened the comments.

Thank You Newgrounds for the awards, you guys are awesome
For Information about the tournament, check out my blog.

This Flash too me 2 years because of all of the different versions. But in this current version took me all of 6 months(On and Off). Because of the Movie to Game Ratio, i would call this more of an interactive movie that you can lose, but unfortunately for interactive movies, you have to pick game.
This episode uses a automatic progress thingy/password system to skip scenes. This means, when you get to the scene, in scene select menu, you wont have to enter a password. There are difficulties for you to choose from, I know some of you think hard is impossible, but there is a major difference between hard, and the other modes.

I would like to thank Tom for his speedy reply, Shard-Spider, and all the people who help make this possible.

~Some Notes~
Audio Desyncs during the minigame, but fixes after you win.
The Fight with aeon is randomized. I cant tell you how to beat him. Come up with your own tactics.
During the battle, if it is too hard, right click to go back to the main menu.
tcz.sytes.net is a site that houses serious discussion(Mature) If you going to ask about FFSX6 and such, go to My forums, k? I admin both anyways.
All of the resources i used/song info/whos who is listed in the credits. PMs asking about where i got this will be deleted. If you need to ask where i got the music check out my blog post.

Flash Information:
Frames: 26,406 frames
Runtime:12-20(depending on time spent on the battle) But the movie is longer.

I dont care if you take this, just MAKE SURE you give me credit, and link to my forum, otherwise i will be a very pissed off someone. IE Mofunzone...didnt i deny you like 2 years ago?



real well made
love the fight mechanics
a tad too short
the fight is way too easy even in hard
keep up the good work

Still waiting for you to make the episode 7, i will wait even more that after this whole time, you posted a trailer on youtube.

Tip for who wants to play in hard mode: Use gigabreak only when your health is low, go throw some normal punches, then use gigabreak to attack, because it takes 2.5k-3k of damage, and still heals all your life. If you are low on health and still charging the gigabreak, use heal, don`t waste your mp on power break, only once on defense break, to do more damage using gigabreak.

2 gigabreaks + 1 overdriver + 2 heals and GG. (Don`t use spindash, it takes 200 damage less than the normal punch combo

this game is the best i wish for it to become more than a flash game someday. i really hope you finish the series soon.

This is amazing! But here is a tip to people playing! Use overdrive before GiggaBreak because giggabreak wastes overdrive and keep it at normal but if you want a challenge switch it to hard

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4.31 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2008
7:47 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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